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This scope of work covers the recording, mixing and mastering of 10 songs. Basic producing services are included in this proposal (i.e. basic questions of song arrangement, performance aspects, etc.), however Gruene Records is ultimately only responsible for the capturing of and sonic quality of the songs as they exist.

Producing services are available and we would be more than happy to assist. If interested we can send a separate proposal. Our producing services include song arrangement and structure cohesiveness, musical arrangements, making sure the tone, feel, and atmosphere contribute to the overal mood and theme of the song, etc.


This project requires a 50% deposit to secure the studio time.


The final deliverables will be:

  • 10 fully completed songs (2 rounds of revisions are included on mixes and masters)
  • All songs will include mixing and mastering, and will be ready for final use by the client
  • Client will maintain 100% ownership of final masters


Final delivery of all tracks will be within 4 weeks of final tracking date. This timing assumes a timely response from the client on revision notes. Delivery times will be adjusted accordingly if client response to mix revisions is not prompt.


This project is priced at $4800, and includes the following:

  • 4 full days (8 hrs) of studio time for tracking
  • 10 full days (8 hrs) of studio time for mixing and mastering


  • This pricing is based on the following:
    • $400 ($50 off our day rate) x 4 days for tracking = $1600
    • $400 ($50 off our day rate) x 8 days for mixing/mastering = $3,200
  • Due to the current pandemic, mix/mastering sessions will not be attended, however we can do a virtual attendance if preferred. We have the capability of streaming the full resolution mix to you remotely, and set up a video chat for communication.

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